Monday, March 19, 2012

Time To Get Manly 6: James Brown - Live At the Apollo

I randomly ran across a list of what Esquire magazine claims are "The 75 Albums Every Man Should Own." In this series of posts, I'll explore these manly, manly sounds.

James Brown - Live At the Apollo

This is an instance where Esquire totally nails it. You see, a lot of men make the mistake of feeling too overwhelmed by James Brown's extensive catalog and settle for 20 All-Time Greatest Hits figuring it has all the songs they need on it. I get that. But! Live At the Apollo has something you can't get on that greatest hits collection: It captures the true essence of "the hardest working man in show business" right along with the feverish screams of the women who love him. Any man who's too stupid to know that those lady screams are contagious, and that he should use this record to his advantage with any woman of interest to him deserves to be stuck with 20 All-Time Greatest Hits.

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