Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Silence is gross

There's an online petition going around right now that you should sign regarding the horrifying kidnapping incident that took place during the Metro Times Blowout in Hamtramck. We really need to show Judge Paul Paruk that the crimes of Tonio Dace, the accused in this case, are still very much on our minds as a community, and that we want justice. Here's the link - please pass it along to your friends and family. 

I mentioned my disappointment about the Metro Times lack of response (no statement or even coverage) about this terrible crime that happened at their event in my previous post, but even then I held out hope that maybe they were waiting to put something in the physical print edition of this week's paper. Well, I just finished looking through it, and unless I'm blind there's nothing. What an absolute shame. They should be embarrassed. I've e mailed the editors and I hope they respond with some amazingly good explanation.

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