Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Time To Get Manly 18: Wilco - Being There

I randomly ran across a list of what Esquire magazine claims are "The 75 Albums Every Man Should Own." In this series of posts, I'll explore these manly, manly sounds.

Wilco - Being There

The first four Wilco albums fit into virtually any record collection - hipsters, elite music snobs and that uncle of yours who keeps insisting that you should really give that Uncle Kracker record a listen. Being There is an ambitious double album that somehow doesn't feels bloated or too long. As an added bonus, chicks dig Wilco. So if a lady friend is looking through your collection, she will very likely say, "Oh, you like Wilco? I like Wilco!" Then you can totally make out over that absolutely-not-unique-yet-feels-unique coincidence.

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