Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Introducing... me on Thought Catalog

My very first piece for Thought Catalog is now up for your reading pleasure. Or strong displeasure. I can't control how you react to it. But please read it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let's do the Spotify

"The Spotify" should be a new dance craze, though I don't know how exactly how it would look - as long as the moves conveyed a message of, "I'm still just learning how to use Spotify and I am already in love with it and also you should get it if you haven't already oh my god let's share music all the time" I'm guessing you'd be doing it right. Maybe put a little more hip into it though. There you go. You got it.

So Spotify! I remember reading about how "streaming was the future of music" a few years ago and I certainly did not believe. But that was also when streaming meant being tethered to your computer staring at a little streaming player that would probably stop working or need to reload several times and would also not allow you to skip ahead or around.

I am not an "early adopter" type when it comes to technology. But I didn't even wait for my free invite - I just went ahead and purchased the "Unlimited" plan for $4.99 a month. Totally worth it. I've already put together two playlists that I think you, dear reader, would highly enjoy.

My favorite records of 2011 so far. This list is pretty self explanatory, but it's such a great way to keep track of what's come out this year that I've really liked and Spotify has allowed me to check out scores of 2011 releases that I had on my "need to hear" list. But so far there's a dozen or so records that I've added...

My favorite records of the early 90's. This massive playlist has over 60 of my favorite records - most of which came out between 1990 and -94. These were my musical formative years as it were. You'll find everything from the obvious-but-essential (Pavement, Nirvana, Pixies) to the super-obscure-and-forgotten (Drop Nineteens, Pale Saints, Bark Psychosis). I'm proud of it.

When I get around to it, you can be sure I'll be posting some kick ass Bollywood playlists too.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Zola, meet Katie

So in case you were wondering, my newest musical crush since Zola Jesus and Diamond Rings is Katie Stelmanis. Come this November 29th, Katie and her band Austra are coming to the Pike Room in Pontiac. The only way this could be better, is if Zola Jesus and Diamond Rings were the other bands on the bill. Holy moly, that would be rad! But it will STILL be rad, because look:

Let's all go right?