Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I know you've seen this a bajillion other places...

... but this is your best bet this weekend... Of course, I'm also going to try to be ambitious and catch Adam Franklin and the Bolts of Melody at PJ's Lager House Saturday night. The Britpop/shoegaze era of my life compells me. I mean, Swervedriver, you know?!

DETROIT ROCKS FOR HAITI: A Benefit for the Earthquake Victims
Over 20 Detroit bands have come together to raise money for victims of the Haitian earthquake. Detroit Rocks For Haiti takes place on Friday, January 29th and Saturday, January 30th at the Magic Stick in Detroit.
Papa Joe Zainea (co-owner of the Majestic Theatre Center) approached retired Detroit Bishop Thomas Gumbleton and asked if there was a way the Majestic could help. Bishop Gumbleton was instrumental in starting a clinic in Port Au Prince three years ago called Klinik Sen Michel. The Bishop is taking a group down to Haiti at the end of January to provide medical assistance to the many earthquake victims.

Doors for the event open at 8pm each night and music starts promptly at 8:30pm. The minimum donation for each night of the benefit is $8 but larger donations will be accepted. For those that can’t make it down to the event, there is information on how to make a contribution on Bishop Gumbleton's website: Net proceeds from the event will help Bishop Gumbleton purchase medical supplies to take with his team to Klinik Sen Michel - bandages, analgesics, antibiotics, ointments, antiseptics, etc.

Full schedule:























Monday, January 25, 2010

Somebody's still talkin' junk...

So Doree Shafrir recently wrote a piece called, "The Odd World of Digital Groupies" for The Daily Beast that was more or less about how the digital age has changed the way uber fans interact with and try to get close to their favorite stars. She uses New Kids on the Block as a prime example, but also talks about actual rock groupies like ladies who for some reason want to sleep with Buckcherry? Also, Buckcherry still exists? It's an interesting article! Nicely done Ms. Shafrir.

Anyway, the real fun starts in the comments section, where the New Kids fans
lose their minds and sound off against her "accusations." Apparently, the take away many of them were left with was, "Doree Shafrir is a washed up whore who none of the New Kids would ever want to sleep with, so, in revenge, she wrote this article to smear the good names and intentions of NKOTB fans world wide." Okay, so these ladies didn't necessarily do so great on reading comprehension tests, but at least we're left with some fantastic comments. Feel free to steal any one of these and use it as, say, your Facebook status.

"I think you are a jealous closet BLOCKHEAD that is bitter because you have never been noticed!"

"I liked their music as a pre-teen, long before I ever realized what sexual relations were."

"They have not only given housewives a reason to come back to life again, but a whole new generation of BLOCKHEADS has been born!"

"I am only on the internet in the morning and then later on in the evening but yes I do come on to say good morning and good evening to Jordan, Danny, Donnie, Joey, and Jonathan because I love and care about them as though they are part of my family."

"I just started dating 3 months ago for the first time in 9 years bnecause I got over my shyness with men because of NKOTB."

"Yes they are SEXY, and make me feel SEXY again, but I am a very happily married woman and WOULD NOT have sex with any of them, neither would MOST of my friends!"

"Maybe Elvis would have not died, if he had direct access to the fans who loved him, to remind him that he still mattered."

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I've got time on my hands that I can't wash off

So Times New Viking opened for Yo La Tengo last night at the Crofoot. And they were awesome. Which makes it even more upsetting to me that I just can't listen to their records. I mean, I'm all for lo-fi, but I just can't do it. But it did occur to me during their set that they'd probably done a Daytrotter session, and in that kind of setting they'd sound fantastic. They did, and they do. Times New Viking, please have your whole next record be a Daytrotter session. Thanks.

Yo La Tengo put on a great show, including a fantastic version of "From A Motel 6" - a song I'm partial to as it's the first one I ever heard from them, and I've been madly in love ever since. There were several people standing near us on the balcony that I am betting were at the show because they heard a song or two from Popular Songs on Ann Delisi's "Special People's Club Music Show" on WDET. They talked loudly through the whole show - but I refrained from "shushing" them, even during the really quiet songs. Mostly because the last time Yo La Tengo was in town at the Concert of Colors, I shushed a group of Latino children who were sitting behind us. This did not go over that well. And doing it twice would make me "that girl who shushes people at Yo La Tengo shows." I just don't want that.

But I do hope, that these folks, drunk on their overpriced plastic cups of cheap wine, stumbled over to the merch table and bought themselves some records. These will be the first records they've bought since Phil Collins' No Jacket Required, but these new LPs will give them an excuse to dust off the ol' turn table and get it working again. I can't help but hope that the first record they play is the new Times New Viking. Then I hope they spend the rest of the week tearing their hair out trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with their record player.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wonder Twins: The show in Angela's basement

I was going to post this yesterday, but I was afraid if I allowed myself to write anything here I'd just go off on a blind rage filled political rant. And frankly, there are enough really good ones all over the webz for me to bother.

But yes. Pre-my giving up on the Democratic Party due to their ability to squander every single opportunity to show political courage every single time such an opportunity is presented, we went to a show in some girl's basement. We then wrote about it. The world was a different place back then. Never forget.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well America you know where you can shove your hamburger

Wow. I could have written this myself. Except that I DO care passionately about health care reform, and I'd never be foolish enough to attribute the lyrics, “Na Na Na / Na Na Na / Hey Hey Hey / Goodbye!” to Bananarama.

Dear The Left: A Breakup Letter, by E.A. Hanks

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ooh Johnny Johnny Johnny you're still in love with Hayley Mills

So Johnny Marr was in town last night. I was pretty excited to get a chance to see him live and to check out his new band the Cribs. Though, calling it "his new band" is not really accurate seeing as the Cribs have been around for a couple of years and Mr. Marr joined fairly recently. But I think it's pretty fair to say that, outside of the Smiths, any band that Johnny Marr is in automatically becomes "his band" regardless of who else is in it.

I hadn't really heard the Cribs - but everything I'd read led me to believe I'd like them and that they just might be the best thing Mr. Marr has been involved with post-Smiths. For being one of the most amazing guitar players ever, he's really had a knack for being involved with projects that are either underwhelming (Electronic, Johnny Marr + the Healers) or where his contribution is barely evident enough for one to notice without reading the liner notes (The The, Pretenders). Then there's the case of Modest Mouse. I can't help but think that the fact they released their worst album after Marr joined the band is nothing more than an unfortunate coincidence.

Seeing him on stage was awesome. And though I only saw one dude being "that guy" by sporting a Smiths t-shirt to the show, I know that in my heart I was "that guy" as well. And really, no matter how decent the show was, it was like watching a major star sitting in with band that won a "play with your idol" contest. Johnny Marr just has that kind of presence, even though the entire night he was understated and played very much as a group member - no grand standing, no waving to the audience with a "Yes, I was in a band you once obsessed over and here I am in front of you - feel free to adore me" smile on his face. It's obvious he just wants to be in the band, not the center of attention. He also has a lesbian hair cut.

Would I love a Smiths reunion? Sure. But I'm a lot more at peace with the idea that I'll never see that happen when I know that both of the powerhouses that made up my favorite band are still capable of relevant and top notch material. And right now both Morrissey and Marr are meeting that criteria.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wonder Twins: 2009 Pop Culture Recap

Are you sick of reminiscing about the long since passed 2009? Me too! Bomb it already! But first - this week's Metro Times has the Wonder Twins '09 recap. So read it, reflect, then set 2009 on fire. 2010 is gonna be GREAT right?!*

*Does anybody actually believe this?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Most Anticipated Albums of 2010: Detroit Edition

These are the bands from the Detroit area that I'm most excited to get a proper record from in 2010. Some of these are in the pipe line, some may be farther off than I realize, but a girl can dream, right?

The Juliets - It's hardly a surprise that I love the Juliets. High on the list of bands I've completely nerded out on over the years is the Divine Comedy - the ultimate in over-the-top, orchestral pop goodness. And the Juliets have that aesthetic down pat. Speaking of which, if anybody still likes the Divine Comedy, I have pretty much every import single and b-side if you want a mix or something.

Silverghost - Am I making up the fact I heard a full length from these guys is in the works? It is just a passage from my music dream diary? I hope not.

Johnny Headband - (See above Silverghost listing)

Big Mess/Arranged Marriage - Scott Allen's got two really great bands going right now - the Americana-tinged Big Mess, and Arranged Marriage, a really great sounding project with his dad. He's told me that both are working on records. The Big Mess MySpace page indicates the album is mixed - but then again, it also has show listings from August, so... I will be greedy and hold out for both of them in 2010, but I'll settle for at least one. If I have to.

FAWN - Is it supposed to be all caps like that? Either way, the two songs from this newly formed band are really great and can be found on their Facespace page (under the stupid, stupid "Boxes" tab. Which should lead you to, perhaps, information about or pictures of vaginas. But does not). This greatness is really no surprise considering the participants - all of them have been in or are in other bands I love - Alicia Gbur (Nice Device), Christian Doble (Copper Thieves, Child Bite) and Matt Rickle (Javelins, Thunderbirds Are Now! and he played drums with the Pop Project the first couple of times I saw them which tricked me into thinking he was in that band too). I demand you finish a record now. And thank you for choosing a name that doesn't actually contain the word "deer."

The Sights - I'm new to the Sights, though everybody else seems to already love them. But considering everything I've heard points to their upcoming record being their best yet, it looks like I've picked a good time to jump on the Sights bandwagon.

Lettercamp - Friendly Foe Kiddo Liz Wittman's new project. Rife with pop goodness. More than once I've heard the name Britney Spears mentioned. This only makes me want to hear the record more. Also, I DEMAND an Erasure cover at your record release show.

So everybody in all of these bands - go on and get crackin' so the people can have what they want.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Guess I should be happy for you - for your success and all that

Considering I don’t really care about any record he’s done other than Aimee Mann’s 1993 debut Whatever, hearing Jon Brion is working with Of Montreal isn’t exactly making me excited for their next album. That, plus I didn’t really love Skeletal Lamping –because of/despite the way it eerily parallels my relationship with my ex. Listening to it is cathartic, yet creepy.

But have a listen to "4th of July" off of Whatever. It's still my absolute favorite Aimee Mann song. Even if it also kind of reminds me of my ex. I need to think of a way to blame the whole thing on Jon Brion. Hmm.


Carrie Brownstein's Monitor Mix post today is all about her music resolutions. I've made a few - mainly to play my drums and my oboe more often. So those of you who are just dying for some oboe on your next record - I'll let you know when I've mastered Oboe For Beginners: Book One. Which is the same book I started on in 6th grade.

I also vow to go to more live shows this year. Particularly this spring and summer after the smoking ban goes into effect. I can't remember the last time I was excited for something of a political nature that actually happened. With my luck some Republican will add a line item that says that gays are banned from all smoke-free places. Then that same Republican will be arrested for soliciting a gay prostitute, but he'll get reelected anyway. On a "family values" platform. And I'll still be banned from smoke free places. I hate politics.

I also just got a download for the new Vampire Weekend. My instinct is to just delete it and to spend all of 2010 ignoring them just like I always have. Should I make a resolution to give them a chance? It's in your hands now to decide.

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