Friday, March 23, 2012

Time To Get Manly 38: Talking Heads - True Stories

I randomly ran across a list of what Esquire magazine claims are "The 75 Albums Every Man Should Own." In this series of posts, I'll explore these manly, manly sounds.

Talking Heads - True Stories

Talking Heads fans frequently look at me like I'm nuts when I say I love True Stories and that it is probably my favorite Talking Heads album. So I was pleasantly surprised to see it included on this list. Both this album and the movie of the same name are really great. I would even characterize both as a delight despite this being a totally unmanly expression. "Dream Operator" is worth the price of admission alone. I'm still partial to John Goodman's version of "People Like Us," but I suppose David Byrne does a decent enough job. "We don't want freedom. We don't want justice. We just want someone to love."

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