Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Grenada Forever

New Grenada, one of my favorite indie rock bands not just in Detroit but ever, is playing their final show at PJ's Lager House tonight. Yes, I'm sad (final show and all), but mostly excited. Any good therapist will tell you that closure is a good thing, but it’s not something one typically gets with a band. This show is going to be the ultimate in musical closure - jam packed with the kind of special guests and surprises the world hasn't seen since The Brady Bunch Variety Hour. All the past members of the band including all one million drummers will take the stage at some point this evening. AND, so you can take home and cherish the memories - the first 100 people will get one of these:

The DVD is called New Grenada Forever. It's a documentary about the band. The DVD also has a bunch of live footage and stuff. It also comes with a CD of rarities- songs the band did for comps, 7"s, covers, etc. Hell yes. It may or may not also feature this very author making a total fool of herself for the love of John Nelson and New Grenada. You'll have to watch it yourself to find out.

The Cold Wave opens the show and Ryan Allen will be spinning records. I'd like to put in a request for "Shrine" by the Dambuilders now, please.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Maybe we're just tired of this vanilla existence

So Tim Kasher is playing the Blind Pig on Sunday, and I want to go despite the fact I hate the Blind Pig, and I didn't even know who Tim Kasher was until this past Saturday when my girlfriend played me his band The Good Life's record Album of the Year. This is also when I was informed that he is "the guy from Cursive." Now, I cannot for the life of me remember why, but years ago I decided I didn't like Cursive. Now after hearing The Good Life and Tim Kasher's brutally amazing new solo record The Game Of Monogamy, I think it is safe to say I potentially made a rush to judgment and have no choice but to launch a reinvestigation into this Cursive business. Sorry, Cursive. Sometimes I can be a bit impulsive.

In the meantime, I will keep listening to
The Game Of Monogamy on repeat, and possibly going to Ann Arbor to hang out late on a Sunday night with college kids who have no idea how much Mr. Kasher's new record is literally telling the story of their future. Also, if you and your spouse are anything like the couple in this video, please kill yourselves:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

You said it's my fault - I still don't believe you

SO excited to see Shearwater and Damien Jurado tonight at the Magic Stick. Both have released amazingly good new records this year, with Jurado's Saint Bartlett already a shoe-in for my best of 2010 list. I saw Shearwater by myself when I was living in Charlotte, NC. I was dealing with a painful and stubborn kidney stone, was heavily medicated and had no business driving myself anywhere, let alone to a show. It was totally worth it. I've wanted to see Damien Jurado for years. So this bill is pretty perfect. Check out Jurado's creepie video for "Arkansas" and then go to the show because how can you resist?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tracing lines and breaking spines

Hey, are you like, "to hell with those flavor-of-the-month bands, I want to get totally into a band that hasn't put out a record since 2008 OR updated their Facebook page since then!" That is what I thought! I suggest checking out The D'Ubervilles in that case. Their lead singer John O'Regan just put out a record under the name Diamond Rings - and I admit it was the album cover that got my attention:
Hello glammy gay boy, what's up, right? Reviews of the record led me to the D'Ubervilles, and as much as I like O'Regan's Diamond Rings business, I'm kind of smitten with what I've heard so far from the dude's full band. Check out "The Receiver" via their out-of-date Facespace page. It reminds me a lot of the National meets a way-less-douche-like Interpol. Thank god I'm not already WAY behind on all these 2010 releases therefore giving me the luxury of spending time on something from 2008 (aka "olden times"). Oh, wait...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

This is exactly how I dance in the lesbian bar...

Oh, Jonathan Richman, how I love you...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You won't be here tomorrow

And in case anybody was wondering, yes I am still listening to the Perfume Genius record on repeat.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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