Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wonder Twins Review: The Metro Times 12th Annual Blowout, Day 3

I am too tired to give you a long intro. But here's our day three recap.

A note about day 4: I hear it was awesome. I took a Blowout break and attended the Prussia/Ohtis/Dent May show in Pontiac. It was worth it. BUT I was at Blowout for a most awesome part of it - namely the Friendly Foes set that wrapped up the event. Sadly, earlier in the day D'Anne succumbed to "the vapors" like Southern ladies did in the olden days, she was unable to attend. This foiled our 'Wonder Twins Blowout Day 4 Recap: gratuitous Friendly Foes edition" plans. But suffice to say, it was awesome. I was worried about not being able to get in, seeing as Friday night's I, Crime set had the Belmont filled to capacity. But my girlfriend and I arrived between sets and were able to get right in. And subsequently RIGHT up front - which is the only way to see stuff properly at the Belmont, and considering how oddly narrow the venue is, something only 4 or 5 people can really do. This guy was there right next to me. Which is exactly how I ended LAST year's Blowout: Ryan Allen, Smoke, and the guy who became my first friend back in Detroit. I owe him flowers or something.


JRC said...

I prefer something edible.

Scotter said...

You know what I was wondering about the other day? This: What is it that you two wonder about, thus making you the unstoppable due of the Wonder Twins?

Laura said...

The Wonder Twins wonder about a lot of things. Particularly what it would be like to BE unstoppable instead of susceptible to things like terrorist attacks, degenerative disease and wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time gang warfare stabbings. When not wondering about our lack of immortality, we stay up late watching The Princess Diaries for the 100th time, talk about boys and wonder what it will be like when we finally get to go steady with our dream crushes.

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