Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Show Review: The Darts, Divine Comedians, Big Mess, Prussia @ PJ's Lager House 3/21/09

Although under most circumstances, I would say it's never alright to do this, my sister called me this morning and started the conversation with, "Did you see my most recent Facebook status update?" This is worse than calling somebody to see if they got the e mail you sent them, because in a status update, you're (usually) communicating your life rather generally, not specifically trying to communicate information to one person. So such a call is akin to saying, “I can’t stand the thought that you might not know what I’m doing RIGHT. NOW.” But considering she and her wife woke up this morning to the sounds of their cat meowing from inside their furnace, I will totally give her a pass. Thank goodness they like their house so frightfully cold all the time – I don’t want to think about the horrors they would’ve encountered had the damn thing kicked on. What does this have to do with this past Saturday’s show at PJ’s Lager House? Nothing really. But I encourage you to be adventurous and curious about live music. Even if sometimes that means you might end up crawling though a vent and getting trapped in the furnace.

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