Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Record Reviews: The Blueflowers, Telekinesis! and the awesome new Merge Records covers comp

I love Merge Records. They are responsible for some of the most meaningful and life changing albums in my little life. The Magnetic Fields Charm of the Highway Strip for instance. A few years ago, I was going through some things and I found an old picture of my friend Meghan and I – it was from high school, and it was taken at my little sister’s birthday party. This party was held at a place called ‘Plaster Works” which was kind of like an “art studio” at which you would pick out your very own plaster statue to paint and decorate yourself, and inevitably take home and proudly display. I use the term “decorate” here loosely, because I love my family even if I question their actual abilities when it comes to visual arts. For some reason, my mom and my siblings really enjoyed this activity, making and bringing home countless pieces of ‘art” which then decorated our home: free-standing tropical fish, a “wicker” (plaster!) basket, a Halloween-themed napkin holder, and even a statue of Bart Simpson lovingly painted by my brother which I think is still in his room. Anyway, I mention this because in the picture, my friend Meghan is wearing a Merge Records T-shirt and it reminded me that our friendship and my love for Merge both came about at the same time. So I can take comfort that even if I hadn’t talked to her in years, I’d be able to pick up the phone today and at least say, “Have you heard that new Merge covers comp? And hey, remember Plaster Works? What the hell?!” Now that’s real friendship. Speaking of Merge, read my review of their new covers compilation and Telekinesis! in today’s Detour New Music Preview. Also included is my review of the Blueflowers. They’re local, and yet another band that was on my Blowout short list that I didn’t get to see. If this record is any indication, that was totally my loss. I will be checking them out live as soon as they announce more shows. (Confidential to the Blueflowers – announce more shows.)

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