Thursday, March 19, 2009

Show Review: Langhorne Slim @ The Pike Room 3/15/09

I saw Langhorne Slim last Sunday at the fantastic Pike Room in Pontiac. So did several rabble rousing hippies or "college kids" as they are sometimes known. I was not familiar with Langhorne Slim until a few months ago - my girlfriend is a big fan of his. It's one of several bands/artists she's brought to my attention that I really like. I love that part. As an added bonus, openers Empty Orchestra played an awesome song about the Flint sit down strike. The song kicks ass. It's available as a 7 inch. This 7 inch is white vinyl. Go here and get it. They are from Flint, so if you don't buy it, they can probably kick your ass. It was a good show, and Detour's photographer Bianca Garza was there too, and got some nice shots. Read it/see it here.

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