Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wonder Twins Review: The Metro Times 12th Annual Blowout, Day 1

Well, well, well... Blowout 12 has started and I could not be more excited. Not only is it just an all around awesome event and yet another reason to be proud of the Detroit music scene, but it also marks one year back in Detroit for me. Last year for Blowout, I had been back in Detroit all of a week. I had actually called Maria Stella at the Metro Times while I was still in Charlotte, NC to ask her about volunteering. It seemed like a good way to get involved, meet some folks, and start my immersion into the music scene of my hometown. Wearing an official shirt that was way too big for me, I put Blowout wrist bands (a much more intimate activity than I was comfortable with) on countless people at Atlas Bar and the Painted Lady. I also saw some excellent bands, and when Thunderbirds Are Now! and Smoke did their impromptu jam session that ended with the crowd in a frenzy, I knew that coming home was the right decision. This year the Wonder Twins are on the Blowout case. Here's our day 1 recap. Have fun this week - it's gonna go by in a blur whether you're drunk or not.

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