Thursday, October 1, 2009

What I've been listening to this week

Friendly FoesSo Obscene EP If you’ve seen Friendly Foes play a handful of times over the past year, many of the songs on So Obscene will sound very familiar to you. But not familiar in that, “the internet has ruined my ability to be entertained by anything that my brain registers as even remotely familiar and if I don’t hear or see it first then why bother” way, but in the “Yes! Now I have ‘How It Works’ and ‘Paint It Gold’ which will be perfect for that sweet, sweet mix I’ve been trying to build around my favorite Superchunk song” way. It’s also nice to hear bassist Liz Whittman’s vocals more front and center, particularly on “Keep Breathing,” a song that tackles the seriousness of asthma awareness.* The release show for this should be great, great fun and may include a reading of the album cover by drummer Sean Sommer. The show is Saturday October 10th with Javelins and Allan James & the Cold Wave at the Berkley Front.

DesktopMy Boo EP Remember how that Ghostown DJ’s song “My Boo” was one of the most awesome songs of the mid-90’s? Well thankfully one of the boys from Desktop not only remembered this, but had the nerve to be like, “Dude. Listen - we should like, totally cover that song – that would supremely rule, would it not?” This is how Zach Curd talks at all times because of his Bill & Ted’s obsession.** Well, cover it they did and Desktop's version does supremely rule – and it’s on a free digital EP! The My Boo EP also has two remixes – one of which (Dave Shettler's "Too Much" remix) I'd almost say I like better than the original. The originals can be found on the Desktop 12” that was just released the other day. If you buy it, it comes with a floppy disk or some such? I have no idea what you do with that – maybe punch a hole in it and wear it around your neck ala Fava Flav.

Elvis Perkins in DearlandDoomsday EP If asked which Elvis camp I was in, I wouldn’t pick Presley or Costello. I’d pick Perkins which would illicit a, “You mean Carl Perkins?” response from Presley fans, and maybe a, “Was it marrying Diana Krall?” from Costello’s faithful. But my response would probably make his dad (Norman Bates!)*** happy seeing as he named his son after Elvis Presley. The fantastic title track for this EP is from the band’s full length that came out earlier this year (and is one of my favorite ’09 releases) and the rest of the songs are all good – no “EP filler” here. It’s the perfect little soundtrack for a post-zombie apocalypse, New Orleans-style funeral march. So I’d learn the songs soon so if you survive, you can participate. Remember: the first rule of survival is remove the heard or destroy the brain. All surviving musicians will meet on the corner of Woodward and 9 mile 24 hours after the area is officially deemed safe. I call cymbals.

*It does not
I just feel like making stuff up today.

Okay, okay, it's not really fair to call Anthony Perkins "Norman Bates" but it's better than calling him "Anthony Hopkins," right? Because Norman Bates wore his mother's wig, but he did not eat her.

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