Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wonder Twins: Detroit Urban Legends Haunted House

This week the Wonder Twins go to a haunted house. But not just any haunted house - one that raises dollars for charity while scaring you. And by "you" I mean "me." Unlike my brave, brave sister, I somehow have this thing where my brain isn't able to separate "entertainment" from, "you are in grave danger - harm is imminent." This makes me pretty hesitant to agree do do anything like a haunted house trip, but I'm a good sport and took one for the Wonder Twins team. Go ahead and read the results and laugh at my expense.

After you're done reading it, I urge you to actually GO to the Detroit Urban Legends Haunted House - yes, yes - you'll say, "but my Halloween weekend is already SO jam packed!" But trust me - you can still fit this in. It is running Friday and Saturday and starts at 7pm. Nothing you're going to starts until at LEAST 10pm, and most things probably won't get started until like, 2:30am because the cool kids don't sleep. Apparently ever. So go there first, have some fun and raise money for something worthwhile. It is only $10 and will make up for the guilt you'll feel about the hundreds you spent on your costume, only to find out that nobody in your age group even remembers the Noid.

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