Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hey there, leprechaun, drop it like it's hot

I'm hanging out at home listening to this here Irish Hip Hop Volume 1 CD, and I have to ask: Does it make me a bad person that I can't help but picture a leprechaun with a big gold chain for virtually every track? Probably. It is fun to play the, "This is the Irish version of (fill-in-the-blank-with-American-rapper)" game though. So far I've heard the Irish Eminem, the Irish Beastie Boys, and the Irish House of Pain. Wait - I guess House of Pain actually are Irish - so it's just a HOP rip-off. Nevermind.

Not much to report here - but there's two great posts on my
sister's blog, Touched By A Monkey. One of them is about those awesome Chick Tract Christian propaganda pamphlets and their popularity at Halloween time. I was the proud recipient of a certain "Doom Town" tract while in Saugatuck one September. I can only imagine how horrid it must've been for God's messenger to have to leave those under the windshield wiper of so many sodomite-mobiles in such a gay, gay city. What a brave little soldier.

The other post takes you to one of the most amazing, heartbreaking and well written journalism pieces I've read in a long long time. As my sis writes, "Ever wonder if the justice system in this country has ever put an innocent man to death? After you read 'Trial By Fire' by David Grann in The New Yorker you won't have to wonder any more." It's a long piece, but totally worth your time. Her post also includes links to info about the virtually indisputable fact that Texas Governor Rick Perry is going to great lengths to make sure nobody gets to the bottom of this - at least not until after his reelection. Scum bag.

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D'Anne Witkowski said...

Thanks for the links. Hopefully those folks who find your blog after searching for Pillow As Pretend Vagina will now find their way to mine. My blog. Not my vagina.

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