Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wonder Twins Review: We Are Michigan - Standing Up for GLBT Rights @ The Magic Bag in Ferndale Thursday April 30th

Today’s Metro Times features the 2nd "official" Wonder Twins column – you can look forward to these deals every other week if my math works right (it does not often work right). This time around we talk about the “We Are Michigan - Standing Up for GLBT Rights” concert event at the Magic Bag last Thursday night. The main draw for us was the fact that it was raising awareness about gay issues in Michigan, AND we’ve both been wanting to see Chris Bathgate for about a year now. Though D’Anne is way more gay for Chris Bathgate than I am, I was really taken with his performance and demeanor and will certainly take every opportunity to catch him live when he plays around these parts. Although the event had a decent turn out, I wish more folks would’ve been there. Then again, because less people were there, I think it brought down the lung cancer threat level to “code yellow” rather than the usual “code red.” So that was a plus. Also, have I mentioned that lesbians are crazy? They are crazy.

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