Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wonder Twins Review: Music 4 Mutts @ the Royal Oak Music Theater 5/16/09

If there's one thing we have in common besides having shared a womb, it is our love of and advocacy for rescue animals. Also our love of music (regardless of some of D'Anne's more questionable musical affinities). So obviously a show that was put on to raise money for the Michigan Humane Society caught our attention. So read the piece, and then go do something to help animals. Here is a short list of ideas in case you need a jumping off point:

1. Donate some money to the Michigan Humane Society
2. Volunteer to be a foster home for a needy pup or kitten
3. Advocate the adoption option to anybody you know looking to bring a new cat or dog into their family.
4. Kidnap the male and female Pekinese pups that live behind my mom and have them sterilized so they can't breed them anymore. Then return them with a note that says, "You're welcome." Make sure to return them though - because who on Earth wants a Pekinese?!

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