Friday, May 8, 2009

This ain't no party, this ain't no disco... it's the Ferndale Public Library

So the Ferndale Public Library is starting to put together a collection of local music for folks to check out... Also, looking at their first couple posts, they're starting a really promising music related blog. It's even geekily named The 780.00s - which is where music starts in the Dewy Decimal system. I get confused by said system, but I do still picture a little green book worm with glasses and a tie named "Dewey" when I think about it, thanks to a poster that hung in my elementary school library. Anyhow, this new FPL music blog may or may not be written by the one my sister refers to as, "the girl from the library that you cried in front of." It's a long story, and that's not the point.


Kelly said...

Thanks for this, Laura! It took me checking my stat meter to find this entry.

I'm not the one who she cried in front of, I'm the other one. I'm now I'm going to follow this blog.

Laura said...

Awesome, Kelly! What I like best about this comment is that you inadvertently obfuscate the fact that I… I am the one who cried at the library. But since you used the vague, “she” here, let’s roll with that. Let’s take this as an opportunity to suggest that my sister is the one who bust into tears when told she couldn’t get a library card with an out of state license. Yes. My sister did that, not me. What a baby. What a total baby.

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