Thursday, April 5, 2012

Are we manly now?

So there you have it! My complete run down of Esquire's "75 Albums Every Man Should Own" list is now complete. Do I feel like I'm a better person because of this experience? If manlier equals better (which, yes, obviously it does) than yes I do. Do I think Esquire did a good job with this list? Of course not, but really how could they? It's an impossibly arbitrary and artificial task. There's no way that any one of these 75 selections could universally be loved by literally half of the world's population just because they have a penis. But it did give me a chance to hear some stuff I might not normally have listened to, so I am a winner to me and my therapist says this counts.

I also found a companion list called, "The 75 Albums Every Woman Should Own" which was put out by BitchBuzz (who describe themselves as "the honest women's magazine" whatever "honesty" is) as a response to the Esquire one... Part of me thinks it might be fun to do this all over again from a LADY PARTS PERSPECTIVE! What do you think?

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