Thursday, February 2, 2012

Richard Buckner is bringing his murder truck to a town near you!

There are few artists I love as much as Richard Buckner. Every single record he's released is worth hearing. His album Our Blood was one of the best of last year, but apparently many people were too dazzled by that one guy's terrible Bonnie Raitt covers to notice. Although I've been an unwaveringly enthusiastic fan of Richard Buckner since the late-90's, I just saw him live for the first time last year when he opened for Sebadoh in Cleveland. I took away three things from this experience:

1. Seeing Richard Buckner live is worth it. Amazing.
2. Cleveland is a really cool city. Like, for real.
3. Lou Barlow looks soo cute when he plays bass guitar.

When I was at the show, I signed up for the Richard Buckner e mail list. Today, I got the following in my inbox:

Hello Mailing List!

I've just added these new performance dates for February and March. I'll be coming around alone this time in my pickup truck (just turned over 579,000 miles) with about 4 guitars, a couple of amps and maybe a keyboard, depending on what's working at the time (including the truck). I'll be doing some older songs, some from 2011's OUR BLOOD and a few newer ones.

There'll be some more US dates in April and a European tour in May that will be announced next month. Also, I'll be playing at the End of the Road Festival in the UK in September with more dates around then, as well.



Sadly, none of these newly announced US dates are near me (keeping my fingers crossed that I might be more lucky with the announcement of the April dates), but for the love of all things worthy of your attention, if you're on the East Coast go see this man. And if you, for instance, own a car dealership, give him a new truck! Just for being amazing. Because he is and he deserves it. He really, really does.

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