Friday, February 3, 2012

I can't WAIT until this comes in the mail

In an effort to both keep the United States Postal Service alive and to satisfy my vinyl appetite, I pre-ordered the new Damien Jurado record Maraqopa from Secretly Canadian. The record is being released the week after Valentine's Day, so all you lonely, heartbroken and forlorn people, hang in there because you have something to look forward to! I'm a big fan of extra fun stuff with pre-orders, and I think SC is doing a good job with this. As they say:

"Several great songs from the Maraqopa sessions did not fit on the album, so Secretly Canadian is releasing six of them via special 7"s that will come with pre-orders of the record. 7"s will be randomly inserted into the regular edition bundles, but the deluxe edition will include all three 7". What songs you receive will be a surprise, unless you decide to buy them all!" 

As much as I love surprises, my OCD also kind of forces me to live by the phrase, "Collect 'em all!" So the "Deluxe Bundle" deal was obviously too sweet to pass up:

  • CD 6 panel wallet
  • 11 x 17 poster on uncoated stock
  • All three 7"s
  • Instant MP3 download
Did I mention the 7"s are all primary color vinyl? Hooray! Thanks for reading my record release dream diary, Secretly Canadian.

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