Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rock your smoke free brains out!

Holy smoke-free smokes! Is it May already? So many good shows this weekend (see side bar for proof)... and I could conceivably wear the exact same clothes two nights in a row! I mean, I usually do this anyway, but this time I could skip the pesky step of washing everything first!

My vote for Friday is Baby Dee at MOCAD. This is for several reasons not the least of which is she's from out of town, and it's totally not the sort of things you're gonna see again soon. Prussia is opening I think - so that's a built in bonus! Maybe the weird, Dolly Parton art installation (is that what they call them? Installations?) will still be there and you can be as confused by it as I was! Tickets are insanely cheap too - I think $6. Go to that.

On Saturday I'll be at the Berkley Front. Which, the last time I was there, almost killed me because of the lack of ventilation. That place ranked among the worst as far as smoke-filled cancer chambers that masquerade as music venues... So seeing Modernlull and a couple out of town bands I've never heard of (musical adventures are fun!) on Saturday should be amazing. Unless L. Brooks Patterson is there. If he is, he should be thankful I'm not a violent person lest I put a cigarette out on his hand.

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