Friday, May 21, 2010

Put a bright orange dot on yr guitar

Tonight is the Heidelberg Project Rock Benefit at the Magic Stick.

A pretty solid local line up featuring Mich Bassett & the Marthas, Augie & Koko, and Troy Gregory among others. I'm most excited about Noman. I bought their record on a whim a long time ago - mostly because I wanted to be supportive of a local band I'd heard good things about but also because it was on sweet, sweet white vinyl. I then put it on my "need to listen to" shelf, and kind of forgot about it for many months. I finally put it on recently and it is so, so good. So obviously seeing them live is the next logical step.

Also piquing my interest about tonight's show is the listing of "Black Lodge vs. Marco Polio." To me, this means one of two things: either a cage match, or a full blown law suit. I think both would be really fun to watch and worth the price of admission. Hell, I'd even volunteer for jury duty.

Though the Heidelberg Project is best known as a land of soggy teddy bears and polka dots, they also do a lot of cool education and community enrichment stuff. For instance, all proceeds from tonight's show go to the Heidelberg Project’s ACE2 (a pilot program teaching third graders about the arts and community involvement over a 12-week span on-site at the Heidelberg) and Cultural Village (an indoor/outdoor artist space at the Heidelberg that includes children’s programs, a cafĂ©, an amphitheater, etc.) programs.

I read once they the Heidelberg folks were once planning to cover an entire house with pennies. Did this ever happen? On second thought, maybe do not tell me. I think it would give me an anxiety attack of epic proportions.

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