Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"I'm hot, and you're not. So if you wanna get with me I'll give ya one shot..."

So this gentleman is bringing the hip hop beats (with a live band, mind you) to Alvin's tonight:

You should come out and see if he manages to rhyme "disestablishmentarianism" like a pro. Also on the bill are Free Moral Agents. I know very little, but it sounds like they will be sweet. One of the Free Moral Agent guys is also in the Mars Volta. The Mars Volta are a King Crimson cover band.


Anonymous said...

"The Mars Volta are a King Crimson cover band."

No. And I listen to both bands. If you say something like that it means you really never listened to their albums carefully.

(Laura) said...

You are correct. It was a joke. Sorry if that's a sensitive issue for you though.

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