Monday, January 25, 2010

Somebody's still talkin' junk...

So Doree Shafrir recently wrote a piece called, "The Odd World of Digital Groupies" for The Daily Beast that was more or less about how the digital age has changed the way uber fans interact with and try to get close to their favorite stars. She uses New Kids on the Block as a prime example, but also talks about actual rock groupies like ladies who for some reason want to sleep with Buckcherry? Also, Buckcherry still exists? It's an interesting article! Nicely done Ms. Shafrir.

Anyway, the real fun starts in the comments section, where the New Kids fans
lose their minds and sound off against her "accusations." Apparently, the take away many of them were left with was, "Doree Shafrir is a washed up whore who none of the New Kids would ever want to sleep with, so, in revenge, she wrote this article to smear the good names and intentions of NKOTB fans world wide." Okay, so these ladies didn't necessarily do so great on reading comprehension tests, but at least we're left with some fantastic comments. Feel free to steal any one of these and use it as, say, your Facebook status.

"I think you are a jealous closet BLOCKHEAD that is bitter because you have never been noticed!"

"I liked their music as a pre-teen, long before I ever realized what sexual relations were."

"They have not only given housewives a reason to come back to life again, but a whole new generation of BLOCKHEADS has been born!"

"I am only on the internet in the morning and then later on in the evening but yes I do come on to say good morning and good evening to Jordan, Danny, Donnie, Joey, and Jonathan because I love and care about them as though they are part of my family."

"I just started dating 3 months ago for the first time in 9 years bnecause I got over my shyness with men because of NKOTB."

"Yes they are SEXY, and make me feel SEXY again, but I am a very happily married woman and WOULD NOT have sex with any of them, neither would MOST of my friends!"

"Maybe Elvis would have not died, if he had direct access to the fans who loved him, to remind him that he still mattered."


D'Anne Witkowski said...

Ha ha. You said The Takeaway.

(Laura) said...

The Takeaway has given housewives a reason to come back to life again.

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