Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Most Anticipated Albums of 2010: Detroit Edition

These are the bands from the Detroit area that I'm most excited to get a proper record from in 2010. Some of these are in the pipe line, some may be farther off than I realize, but a girl can dream, right?

The Juliets - It's hardly a surprise that I love the Juliets. High on the list of bands I've completely nerded out on over the years is the Divine Comedy - the ultimate in over-the-top, orchestral pop goodness. And the Juliets have that aesthetic down pat. Speaking of which, if anybody still likes the Divine Comedy, I have pretty much every import single and b-side if you want a mix or something.

Silverghost - Am I making up the fact I heard a full length from these guys is in the works? It is just a passage from my music dream diary? I hope not.

Johnny Headband - (See above Silverghost listing)

Big Mess/Arranged Marriage - Scott Allen's got two really great bands going right now - the Americana-tinged Big Mess, and Arranged Marriage, a really great sounding project with his dad. He's told me that both are working on records. The Big Mess MySpace page indicates the album is mixed - but then again, it also has show listings from August, so... I will be greedy and hold out for both of them in 2010, but I'll settle for at least one. If I have to.

FAWN - Is it supposed to be all caps like that? Either way, the two songs from this newly formed band are really great and can be found on their Facespace page (under the stupid, stupid "Boxes" tab. Which should lead you to, perhaps, information about or pictures of vaginas. But does not). This greatness is really no surprise considering the participants - all of them have been in or are in other bands I love - Alicia Gbur (Nice Device), Christian Doble (Copper Thieves, Child Bite) and Matt Rickle (Javelins, Thunderbirds Are Now! and he played drums with the Pop Project the first couple of times I saw them which tricked me into thinking he was in that band too). I demand you finish a record now. And thank you for choosing a name that doesn't actually contain the word "deer."

The Sights - I'm new to the Sights, though everybody else seems to already love them. But considering everything I've heard points to their upcoming record being their best yet, it looks like I've picked a good time to jump on the Sights bandwagon.

Lettercamp - Friendly Foe Kiddo Liz Wittman's new project. Rife with pop goodness. More than once I've heard the name Britney Spears mentioned. This only makes me want to hear the record more. Also, I DEMAND an Erasure cover at your record release show.

So everybody in all of these bands - go on and get crackin' so the people can have what they want.

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