Saturday, January 23, 2010

I've got time on my hands that I can't wash off

So Times New Viking opened for Yo La Tengo last night at the Crofoot. And they were awesome. Which makes it even more upsetting to me that I just can't listen to their records. I mean, I'm all for lo-fi, but I just can't do it. But it did occur to me during their set that they'd probably done a Daytrotter session, and in that kind of setting they'd sound fantastic. They did, and they do. Times New Viking, please have your whole next record be a Daytrotter session. Thanks.

Yo La Tengo put on a great show, including a fantastic version of "From A Motel 6" - a song I'm partial to as it's the first one I ever heard from them, and I've been madly in love ever since. There were several people standing near us on the balcony that I am betting were at the show because they heard a song or two from Popular Songs on Ann Delisi's "Special People's Club Music Show" on WDET. They talked loudly through the whole show - but I refrained from "shushing" them, even during the really quiet songs. Mostly because the last time Yo La Tengo was in town at the Concert of Colors, I shushed a group of Latino children who were sitting behind us. This did not go over that well. And doing it twice would make me "that girl who shushes people at Yo La Tengo shows." I just don't want that.

But I do hope, that these folks, drunk on their overpriced plastic cups of cheap wine, stumbled over to the merch table and bought themselves some records. These will be the first records they've bought since Phil Collins' No Jacket Required, but these new LPs will give them an excuse to dust off the ol' turn table and get it working again. I can't help but hope that the first record they play is the new Times New Viking. Then I hope they spend the rest of the week tearing their hair out trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with their record player.

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