Friday, January 15, 2010

Ooh Johnny Johnny Johnny you're still in love with Hayley Mills

So Johnny Marr was in town last night. I was pretty excited to get a chance to see him live and to check out his new band the Cribs. Though, calling it "his new band" is not really accurate seeing as the Cribs have been around for a couple of years and Mr. Marr joined fairly recently. But I think it's pretty fair to say that, outside of the Smiths, any band that Johnny Marr is in automatically becomes "his band" regardless of who else is in it.

I hadn't really heard the Cribs - but everything I'd read led me to believe I'd like them and that they just might be the best thing Mr. Marr has been involved with post-Smiths. For being one of the most amazing guitar players ever, he's really had a knack for being involved with projects that are either underwhelming (Electronic, Johnny Marr + the Healers) or where his contribution is barely evident enough for one to notice without reading the liner notes (The The, Pretenders). Then there's the case of Modest Mouse. I can't help but think that the fact they released their worst album after Marr joined the band is nothing more than an unfortunate coincidence.

Seeing him on stage was awesome. And though I only saw one dude being "that guy" by sporting a Smiths t-shirt to the show, I know that in my heart I was "that guy" as well. And really, no matter how decent the show was, it was like watching a major star sitting in with band that won a "play with your idol" contest. Johnny Marr just has that kind of presence, even though the entire night he was understated and played very much as a group member - no grand standing, no waving to the audience with a "Yes, I was in a band you once obsessed over and here I am in front of you - feel free to adore me" smile on his face. It's obvious he just wants to be in the band, not the center of attention. He also has a lesbian hair cut.

Would I love a Smiths reunion? Sure. But I'm a lot more at peace with the idea that I'll never see that happen when I know that both of the powerhouses that made up my favorite band are still capable of relevant and top notch material. And right now both Morrissey and Marr are meeting that criteria.


Jamie said...

you were definitely "that guy." especially when you dumped your whiskey sour in my lap.

(Laura) said...

That was hardly my fault. I didn't even order it so I can't be held responsible.

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