Thursday, August 13, 2009

What I've been listening to this week

JJ - JJ n° 2

If your first thought upon seeing the cover of JJ n° 2 was, “Ugh, I am not interested in listening to a low budget trip-hop compilation from the mid-90’s, thanks” I don’t blame you. But I do appreciate your use of “thanks” and duly note your politeness. It doesn’t help that, even if you were intrigued by Pitchfork’s 8.6 rating of this record, reading their 700+ word review was basically a waste of your life. But in fact, this is really great - along the lines of Field Mice, Saint Etienne and Susan Anway-fronted Magnetic Fields. That should be all you need to know.

Bad Veins - Bad Veins

I will admit, I have a weakness for sentimental indie rock - the kind of stuff that ends up on soundtracks for shows like The O.C. But to my credit, these flings are typically short-lived. I’m not sure if what I've got going with Bad Veins is a brief affair that I’ll look back on with confusion and regret ala Snow Patrol (things were going pretty good Gary, but YOU wanted more and had to ruin what we had with your stupid non-rhyming power ballads), or something with more staying power (what's up, Elbow?), but I’m a little swept up in this record right now. It reminds me of Keene paired with The Strokes, which could be more evidence that this isn’t going to last seeing as I eventually broke things off with both of those bands too. But for now, I’m cautiously optimistic and planning to just enjoy things, no need to rush and talk about my dysfunctional relationship patterns or my commitment issues just yet.

Amanda Blank - I Love You

The very first time I saw the cover of I Love You, I got all excited and thought, “Amanda Bynes has an album out?! My girlfriend will LOVE this! Oh, wait. That says, 'Amanda Blank.' Hmm. That’s not as immediately fun to me.” Then I went home and watched She’s the Man again and forgot about it. But recently I heard this “Amanda Blank” if that’s her real name (is that her real name?) and it’s a whole lot of dirty electro-trash fun. I'm glad Amanda Bynes and Amanda Blank are not one-in-the-same, as I don’t think I could hear the star of What A Girl Wants sing, “Hottest muthafucka on the whole damn block, do my thang and the girlie girls watch” without blushing and feeling uncomfortable.

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