Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Great Detroit music for free dollars

So I just learned two things – the first is that LimeWire is now apparently a legitimate online music retailer and not just some shady place to download Usher/Daft Punk mash-ups of questionable quality and merit. Second, in conjunction with Metro Times, they’re now offering a free album called, Ear to the Ground: Detroit. The most amazing part is there's actually good stuff on this record – for FREE! Lightning Love, Deastro, Friendly Foes, Silverghost… pretty much the whole ordeal is worth hearing and represents some of the best music in the city right now. Seeing that they did such a good job on the Detroit one, I’m interested to check out the other free offerings in the Ear to the Ground series such as San Francisco, Berlin, Chicago and Beijing (which I am hoping will introduce me to a Chinese version of Deastro or maybe Pop Project).

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