Monday, June 15, 2009

Shows for the week

Today marks the beginning of a pretty full week of shows.

Tonight was a tough call between St. Andrews and the Magic Stick. I really like that Harlem Shakes record and Allan James & the Cold Wave are always great, but Emily Haines and a potential lesbian cat fight wins out.

I could, for the sake of play pretend, act like I’m going to make it out the next night to see the Rosewood Thieves, Blasé Splee and Wild Years at PJ’s Lager House, but honestly, I have to fix the pipe, drain and sink in my basement so I can do laundry again. Well, to be fair, I’m going to try to be helpful in some way as my girlfriend fixes the pipe, drain and sink in the basement. Maybe I can bring her little sandwiches and lemonade as she toils away. But you should consider going to that show in my honor.

Wednesday I’m sensing, will be day two of “operation laundry.” It’s a good thing there aren’t any shows on my radar that night, as by then I should have no clean clothes left to wear.

I hope I have clean clothes by Thursday though – because I’m going to the Belmont to see some bands I like… I think? Who knows! It’s the "Thursday mystery show" at the Belmont! Check the Allan James & the Cold Wave My Space page, and you’ll see a listing for their show with Big Mess and Computer Perfection on Thursday the 18th. Perfect! But according to their My Space page, Big Mess is playing at the Belmont on Friday the 19th with Allan James & the Cold Wave! Hmm... Computer Perfection actually has an actual for real flyer on their page listing a show on Thursday the 18th – with Prints and Big Mess! But the Belmont page says Thursday’s show will be Prussia, Computer Perfection and Grandchildren! Prussia’s page has them playing a show in Fresno California the 17th, and then in Los Angeles the 19th. Though it is fun to think they have the resources and the inclination to fly in for a one-night-only Belmont performance before jetting back to California, I somehow doubt it. Whoever the hell is actually playing, the odds are good that it will be bands I like, so I’ll be there.

Friday is Pansy Division at Small’s! Since I did not attend Motor City Pride this year, I will consider attendance at this show fulfillment of my contractual “showing pride” agreement with the gay community.

Saturday is the MI Music & Merch Swap at the Loving Touch in Ferndale and then the Prime Ministers CD release show in Pontiac. The record is called Compromiser, and it’s one of my favorite of the year so far. Darling Imperial is playing as well, which is great because I’ve been wanting to see them again ever since Blowout.

Sunday I think I’m going to finally get around to watching Ghandi. I bought it like, a year ago and it’s still in the shrink wrap and everything. I will also spend some time using my new shop vac. I’ve never been so excited to own a power tool (does this count as a power tool?) and I can’t wait to vacuum my car and porch! Jealous much?

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