Monday, June 8, 2009

"A victim of a terrible accident"

"... a victim of a terrible accident." That wording is from the statement released by the good folks at Kill Rock Stars regarding the death of Jeff Hanson. At this point, it's looking like he died after falling in his concrete-floored apartment, which he had just moved into days earlier. Maybe it's because he's the same age as me, or because I have an OCD fear of falling and suffering death or a closed head injury, but I can't stop thinking about this. It also might be because this wasn't a suicide or drug overdose like so many musicians before him. In my head I see a guy who's excited to show his parents his new place standing on a chair trying to put something away on a high shelf and his foot slipping.

I hope his friends and family can take comfort in the fact that news of his death is causing people to rediscover his body of work or even listen to it for the very first time. I also hope that his music - the ability to hear his voice - is, and will continue to be, a comfort to them.

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