Thursday, June 4, 2009

Record Review: Scott Walker 30 Century Man: Music Inspired by the Film

If there’s anything I’m gay for, it’s over-the-top orchestral pop with an equal twist of camp and intelligence. Unless it's Marc Almond. He gives me the creeps. Anyhow, it’s not a surprise that the first time I heard Scott Walker, I immediately loved him and wanted everything the man had ever recorded. I almost have everything at this point, and from his early 60’s pop Walker Brothers days to his more recent work (over-the-top orchestral pop no more!) I love almost all of it. So I was totally excited when I heard about this compilation. As I say in my Tiny Mix Tapes review, mixed in with nerdy Walker facts and musings, it’s a good comp. I have not seen the movie yet though - anybody see it? tells me the DVD release date is coming up mid-June! So maybe I can convince my girlfriend to add it to her Netflix queue in between lez-out-movies like The Color Purple and Changeling.

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