Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Red Light Love Night

Well, a lot of you are going to make the trek to Ann Arbor to see Broken Social Scene tonight. But let's face it - they're just going to sound like a lot of people on stage all playing at the same time, right?* So I'm sticking close to home and going to see Those Darlins at the Magic Stick. They're playing with Deer Tick, a band lots of people I know think are just great. I think somebody from that band is romantically involved with somebody from Those Darlins. Which is good, because that means there's less of a chance that my girlfriend will run off with one of the Darlin girls. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. is opening the show. If you have not seen them yet, they're really good and have impeccable fashion taste.

* UPDATE: Word on the Twitter is the BSS show is CANCELLED due to ILLNESS?! You kind of have no choice but to come see Those Darlins now.


yakuza said...

and how were Those Darlings?

(Laura) said...

I thought they were great. The sound was a little muddled for my tastes, but they put on a great show. It's the third time I've seen them.

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