Friday, April 16, 2010

Bands that start with Q and bands that start with X

After you're done shopping for very desirable record music formats for Record Store Day, you'll probably need a nap. Or if you're one of those Earth loving hippies, you may choose to go outside and "enjoy the sunshine" or whatever it is people who play Frisbee golf do. But that evening, you might find yourself faced with the same decision I've been struggling with: Should you go see the band that starts with Q or the band that starts with X?

At the Magic Stick: Quasi Quasi's new record American Gong is supposed to be amazing. I have actually not heard it yet because I recently found my old Blackstreet "No Diggity" cassingle which as you understand has put me a little behind on keeping up with new releases. And Janet Weiss is in Quasi. Janet Weiss. It's hard to even think about skipping this show for that fact alone. As an added bonus Merge recording artists Let's Wrestle are opening. They are from England, and their brand new record is called In the Court of Wrestling Let's. Which is adorable. Even better, it's good! If you go to this show, you should buy me a copy of one or both of these records. Just to be nice.

At MOCAD: Xiu Xiu So why would I NOT be at the Magic Stick tomorrow night? Xiu Xiu. They're not everybody's cup of tea, but I've grown to love them. And underneath the din and the creepiness I can totally hear Morrissey's influence. Which makes me beholden to Xiu Xiu. And I've missed them twice now. Once because of a horrible flu, and once because a lesbian senior citizen told me I'd be fool to go. Additionally, Glass Rock is opening, and though I know nothing about them, not that long ago this guy tipped me off about Soft Location. Apparently Glass Rock features Kathy 'Soft Location' Leisen. I'll be there by myself. Clutching a copy Dear God, I Hate Myself to my chest. Rock n' roll.

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