Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Arranged Marriage - Dearly Beloved

Arranged Marriage is the name of father/son duo Brad and Scott Allen. They play music together and are not actually married. But, you know that kind of stuff would happen if we let the gays marry - slippery slope! Their first record, Dearly Beloved is hot off the presses, and it is good. You can totally hear their respective influences melting together on each track - like taking a Golden Smog and a Van Morrison record and melting them in the oven.* For way more info, read Chris Handyside's fantastic article on the band in this week's Metro Times.

Also, go to their record release show! It is happening this Saturday at the Majestic Cafe. Solitary States and the Cold Wave are also playing. It's free, which gives you plenty of dollars left over to buy a copy of the record.

*I mean, if you could like, then play back this melted record. Which you probably shouldn't attempt. It WILL screw up your record player. I don't want to be responsible for that.

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