Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Metro Times writers pick the best music of 2009

Today's Metro Times features the favorite music picks by their music staff folk. D'Anne and I both pick our top 5 which can be found very near the bottom of the list due to the way the alphabet works. Eat This City also has their "Top Whatever of 2009" which I used to crab about Animal Collective and Dirty Projectors (not really...ok, kind of) but is really more worth reading for Ben Blackwell's entry.

I've obviously been reading a lot of 2009 best of lists (I can't seem to stop!), which always makes me anxious about the amount of stuff I have not heard yet. But so far, there's only a few records on my "2009 records I haven't heard yet, but due to their inclusion on one or more best of list by people who's tastes I trust, I need to check out" list. But I am sure I'll be adding more to this soon... Do you have any to add?

Matt Jones - The Black Path
Computer Perfection - We Wish You Well On Your Way To Hell
Richard Swift - The Atlantic Ocean
Screaming Females - Power Move (This post from their blog is reason enough to buy their record)
Monsters of Folk - Monsters of Folk (a record my sister-in-law called me "stupid" for not having any real interest in. So now I need to hear it just to spite her)


Scotter said...

Screaming Females put on a pretty great show too. I saw them on a Sunday night at the Trumbellplex of all places this past summer.

(Laura) said...

I've never been to the Trumbellplex, and the few snippets of description I've pieced together make me think it's a creepy place. But I could be completely wrong. What's your assessment?

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