Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Winter Once Again

I am not a betting person. But if you presented me with the following information, I may not be able to resist: A local record label gathers a huge group of bands, musicians and friends together to record a 53 song holiday compilation. This compilation is totally free. Is this something that anybody other than the people involved in the project and their mothers would find enjoyable?

My money would be on "no." As fun as a project like this might be to put together, how much quality material could it really produce? It probably just sounds like a bunch of people having fun and goofing off, right? I mean, if compilations like Sleighed: The Other Side of Christmas (which has Beck, the Smithereens, Sonic Youth...) and the Sufjan Stevens' Songs For Christmas box set have taught me anything, it is even artists I like and have heard of can make terrible and (in Sufjan's case) terribly pretentious holiday music. So you can understand my holiday music pessimism here, I'm sure.

O, Holy Shit. Suburban Sprawl has the magic recipe for holiday cheer. I was not even half way through the newly released 2009 Suburban Sprawl Music Holiday Compilation before I was ready to run through the streets of Hamtramck like a little lesbian George Bailey. "Merry Christmas Polish Village! Merry Christmas New Palace Bakery! Merry Christmas you old wonderful Whiskey in the Jar!"

You might consider just downloading the tracks from those you know and recognize, but you will miss out! Instead,
download and listen to the whole thing. For real. Make this your go to holiday music collection this season. Yes, I know you like that Mariah Carey song so, so much, but you will get to hear it a bajillion times as you stand in line at Bed Bath & Beyond trying to return a regifted lotion warmer you don't have a receipt for. Thank you to everybody who contributed to this. I was going to try to pick some favorites, but it's just too difficult. Happy Holidays to all of you, and I'm sorry I didn't get you anything in return. But if you find yourself in Hamtramck this season, I'd be happy to pour you a Brandy and Silk Nog.

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