Friday, September 4, 2009

So tell me now, and I won't ask again

So the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival starts today... I'll be walking there from my house tonight to catch Lightning Love before heading out to the Majestic Cafe to see Child Bite, The Intelligence and Terrible Twos. I haven't really seen Terrible Twos yet outside of two minutes at Detour Rock City Fest and the solo set that Craig Brown did for the first Detroit Unplugged show. I really liked his set - particularly his cover of "Will You Love Me Tomorrow." Though I'm guessing tonight's show won't really be anything like that, I have a soft spot for anybody who busts out Goffin/King songs. Child Bite I already love, and the Intelligence has a girl drummer so automatic win.

Aside from tonight's Majestic visit, my live music plans for the weekend will be Hamtramck focused. It's awesome to be able to walk up the street and see bands I like competing for my attention against hard to beat performances by the publicly drunk and indigent. If you're in the neighborhood, give me a shout.

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