Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wonder Twins Review: Wyandotte Street Art Fair

This week's Metro Times has yet another Wonder Twins review. As this post title suggests, we spent some time at the Wyandotte Street Art Fair. Through the power of the written word, you can experience the adventure and maybe even smell the kettle corn (mmm... kettle corn). The one thing the piece doesn't really say, is that Wyandotte is a surprisingly cute town. I don't spend a lot of my time in the "downriver area," (is that still what it is called?) but I was really charmed by Wyandotte's old timey stores and bars. Plus this whole 'dotte Arts Project is up to some cool things. Although it took me until the middle of Dan Miller's set to realize that "'dotte" is short for "Wyandotte." I'm dumb. I've also always wanted to check out this Modern Exchange place in Southgate. It has had a couple interesting shows in the past that caught my attention, but I get the feeling it's like a "teen space" or something, and that if I went there for a show I'd feel like a lesbian chicken hawk. Or at least, I'd feel like the all-teens-besides-me audience would think I was a lesbian chicken hawk. Which I am not. Anyway, if a good show is coming up there that will attract an audience that is not primarily 16-year-olds, somebody should let me know.

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