Friday, July 24, 2009

The real reason I left North Carolina

Yes, when people ask me, "Why did you come back to Michigan/Detroit?" I always have great answers - I missed my family, I wanted to be present for the birth of my sister's baby, I love the cultural richness of Detroit, it's where I belong, etc. etc. But as much as all that stuff factored in, the REAL reason were the fucking big, flying cockroaches. If somebody would've said, "In the state you're moving to there are inch-and-a-half long cockroaches that are basically everywhere! You don't even have to be a dirty crack whore to find them in your place of work or residence. Oh, also they can fly." I never would've moved there. Never. Yes, I know "cockroaches are everywhere, even in Detroit!" but it's not the same. At all. Witness the power of the Southern cockroach as a single roach almost brings the Magnetic Fields to a screeching halt during Merge Fest:

And THAT is something I do not miss.

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