Thursday, July 16, 2009

What I've been listening to this week

Bat For Lashes - Two Suns
I'm really surprised by how much I like this. I've lived by the rule that, if you're singing about "knights in crystal armor" or some shit, and you are not Kate Bush, then forget it. Even the initial press about the record all but said, "Laura, stay far away," explaining that Two Suns was a concept album where Natasha Khan dukes it out with a blonde alter ego named Pearl. This all sounded a little too Strange Little Girls or American Doll Posse for me. But I find I keep gravitating back to this - it's just such a great blend of Siouxsie, 80's 4AD and 60's girl group sounds. Plus Scott Walker guests on the last track. Scott Walker.

Future of the Left - Travels With Myself and Another
If you were to tell me that one of my favorite albums this year would contain the lyric, "Slight bowel movements preceded the bloodless coup," I would've considered that the end of our friendship. I would've insisted you return the Ace of Base/bhangra mix I gave you, because that is only for true friends. But alas, our friendship is safe thanks to my love of this record. As my friend Tim said, "It's refreshing to hear someone ripping off the Jesus Lizard properly." Word.

Darling Imperial - I Know Everyone You Know
I first saw Darling Imperial at Baker's Streetcar during Blowout, and I really liked them. Their new EP strengthens the initial Aimee Mann, Pretenders vibe I was getting from their live show. I've had "Company You Keep" stuck in my head a lot this week, but I like the whole EP - except, perhaps due to my long held prejudice against songs with girls names in the title, I do skip over "Emily." They are actually playing a show tomorrow night at the Belmont, the details of which are listed in the column on the side bar. Go see them live.

Olden Days record bonus!

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Architecture & Morality
Yes, I know, Pretty In Pink, "If You Leave," Duckie is your dream boy... I know, I know. But 1981 is where it's at as far as OMD is concerned. That 80's throw back electronic stuff that you like is great and all, but it's amazing how well a record like Architecture & Morality holds up, and how much of it fits right in with Handsome Furs, Deastro, Junior Boys etc. If you find it at your local used record shop, snag it.


Jean-Luc Garbo said...

I love Mclusky so I've been meaning to hear it, but throw in Jesus Lizard and I may have to break in to a record store (NB the time of comment post). Bat For Lashes is so much more than the sum of her parts so it's great that someone listens to her and finally sees how she is as herself. Did you read her PFM interview? Very cool lady. She and Patrick Wolf are true musical auteurs. Have you heard OMD's Dazzle Ships? I've long been told that's where they're at. I'm curious if you've heard it - not that too much OMD is bad thing.

Laura said...

Thanks for reminding me about Dazzle Ships – I had kind of forgotten about it since it’s not super easy to find stateside, but I’ll be on active lookout now. I’ll also check out that interview… Thanks for the heads up, now go get (my vote is for legal acquisition, but I am not the boss of you) that Future of the Left record!

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