Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wonder Twins: Johnny Headband, Pop Project and Office at Small's 7/25

This week's Metro Times has another Wonder Twins installment - an evening with Johnny Headband and friends. It was a great show, but D'Anne was EXHAUSTED the whole time due to the fact that she and her wife had a BABY on July 20th! My little nephew is the cutest guy ever and I'm so happy for them. They're destined to be the best moms ever. For real. This kid's in amazing hands.

Of course it also shows how very different MY maternal instincts are from my sister's, as I thought that since the baby was born Monday, that would give D'Anne plenty of time to get situated and stuff so I could drag her out to a rock show that Saturday. Though I know she enjoyed it, I've never seen a more deliriously tired person at a show. But that added to the fun in some ways. Well, for me.

Also in this week's MT is my review of the new Zoos of Berlin. So, so good. They're playing that amazing BBQ bonanza at the Crofoot this Friday and using the occasion as a CD release. I hear they're the last band of the night, so don't like, have a baby today and expect to be up for it. But otherwise, you should go.

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