Friday, July 2, 2010

Show Your Support for Foreign Lands this Weekend!

Your Independence Day plans are steeped in good ol' fashion American tradition: An Old Navy flag tee, some little stars n' stripes flags to wave with fervor, and of course a giant shrink wrapped package of colorful fireworks that no amount of patriot day drinking could make unsafe to set off on a metal garbage can lid in your backyard. Who cares if all of these things were made in China or Malaysia! As long as they're not made in Mexico by Mexicans right?! USA! USA!

The big attraction this year is the New Center Park Kick Off celebration extraordinaire starting today and going through Monday! It looks like a really nice space - and for a city that can hardly afford to keep any of its parks open, it's something worth supporting. Obviously the added bonus of freeness sweetens the deal. Lots of great bands: Silverghost, Modernlull, Old Empire, The Beggars, The Juliets, etc. Also face painting and BUBBLES! It says these things are for kids, but as long as you're one of those lovable drunk types, you may be able to convince the nice folks to give you a kitty nose and whiskers.

So go have fun outside. In Detroit. For America.

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