Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wonder Twins Review: ETC's Detroit Unplugged II @ PJ's Lager House Saturday Feb. 7th

Were you "out on the town" (as they say) last Saturday evening? You could've been at one of seemingly dozens (hundreds) of events/shows/strip club novelty nights that were scheduled for that very same evening. You may even be young and full of energy -enough to allow you to actually go to TWO or MORE events that night. That would maximize your ability to get your picture in Real Detroit's or The Metro Times' nearly identical "Look, I'm drunk and standing next to a bartender with big hoots that I am delusional in thinking will go home with me" VIP photo sections! Although my attendance at only one event that night lessens my chances for big hoots photo fame, I WAS able to get D'Anne out to yet another show in a fairly short time span! I am going to try my best to get her to go with me to at least ONE show a MONTH (whoa!) until her wife has a baby and then I'll never ever get her out of the house until the baby is old enough to make demands and be a pest. Then she'll be BEGGING me to take her to shows! And I'll be like, "Bitch, you don't get a SAY in this shit - we're going to see some pretentious arty noise rock and you're gonna LOVE it!" Mark my words - and look for our Prurient reunion show review in a few years.'s "Detroit Unplugged II" was super fun. Read about it here on the Music Blahg.


D'Anne Witkowski said...

I don't appreciate you using my name and "big hoots" in the same sentence. It sends the wrong message.

Laura said...

Well, I refrained from mentioning YOUR big hoots. So give a girl some credit.

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