Thursday, February 5, 2009

Record Review: Buschovski

"I was living in a devil town. Didn't know it was a devil town..."

I just watched the excellent documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston the other night, and although I had heard "Devil Town" before, hearing the song in the movie made me think of Charlotte, North Carolina where I lived for about 4 years before coming home to Detroit last February. Though it might be a bit of a stretch to call Charlotte a "devil town," it was pretty clear to me the entire time I was there I wasn't meant to stay. Coming home to Detroit was exactly what I was supposed to do, and I could not be happier, despite the harsh winter cold and the lack of people saying, "all y'all." One of the very few things I actually miss about Charlotte, is the band Buschovski. They're for serious one of the best bands I've seen or heard anywhere. At the very end of December 2008 they finished their debut album. I got it too late to put it on my year end list, but I assure you, it would have easily made it. Tiny Mix Tapes has my review, which you should read. Then I highly suggest you trust your instincts and pick it up - you won't be sorry.

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