Thursday, February 19, 2009

Record Review: Dark Was the Night

Back in the olden days of indie yore, there were a handful of labels I counted on to get me through my formative years. Chief amongst them was 4AD. Pixies, Pale Saints, Wolfgang Press, Red House Painters, This Mortal Coil, Lisa Germano, Dead Can Dance, Insides (look that shit up - I STILL love that record even if it sounds a wee dated), Lush... so, so many bands I loved. It's been awhile since the folks at 4AD have made me swoon, though a handful of recent and upcoming releases is making me consider taking them back. If Ivo Watts-Russell sends flowers. And Bon Iver and that cute little boy from Beirut start periodically showing up at my house in the middle of the night to serenade me with a spooky love song (ukulele optional). So we'll see.

The biggest reason for my change of heart though, is the recent benefit compilation Dark Was the Night - have you heard of this? Of course you have: you've been hearing about it and hearing about it! It is as good as you've been hearing. Have you also heard of this "AIDS virus" that the sale of said compilation is raising money for? It's very serious. The Red Hot Organization does good work, and this compilation is actually worth you spending real dollars on. Tiny Mix Tapes has my review.

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Aaron said...

There's so much music out there...

I'd never heard anyone on 4AD until a co-worker loaned me a Dead Can Dance cd. Definitely a horizons expander, and pretty cool

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