Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin’s Facebook page updates

Sarah says, “Vote Palin(ME!)/McCain ‘08”

Condi Rice wrote: "Go Sarah! Get Busy! It's Your Birthday!"

Sarah posted a video:
Fox News Anchor; Sarah Palin Has Foreign Policy Experience Because Her State Is Close To Russia

Sarah added new photos to “OMG I’m the VP Choice (Ohio Speech)”

George W. wrote: “Go get ‘em Barracuda!”

Juneau Christian Center wrote: “Godspeed Sarah – the Lord wants you to be president!”

Sarah became a fan of “Juneau Christian Center”

Sarah has been to Ireland before!

Sarah wrote on Mitt Romney’s wall: “Super suck it!”

Sarah wrote on Tim Pawlenty’s wall: “Suck it!”

Aug 29
James Dobson wrote: “I wept when I heard the news! So did Jesus Sarah – so did Jesus!”

Sarah can’t wait to break the glass ceiling with God’s hammer!

Sarah says “OMG, OMG, it’s me! It’s ME!!!

Sarah commented on John McCain’s picture, “So presidential!!”

Sarah wrote on John McCain’s wall: “Happy BIRTH-day, Mister (next) President… <3”

Sarah knows what the Vice President does – seriously!

Sarah poked Hillary Rodham Clinton

Aug 28
Sarah thinks John McCain is a Maverick

Sarah became a fan of Northern Exposure

Aug 27
Ted Stevens tagged Sarah in a photo.
Tagged in: “Alaskan Politician’s Besides Ted Stevens Who Are Mired In Controversy”

Sarah joined “Hockey Moms Against Gay Marriage”

Sarah is now friends with Ann Coulter

Aug 26
Sarah became a fan of “Let’s Drill the ANWR!”

Sarah joined “Parents who aren’t liberal hippies but have kids with weird names.”

Aug 25
Sarah is now friends with Geraldine Ferraro

Aug 24
Sarah is now friends with Rudy Giuliani

Sarah tagged herself in a photo
Tagged in: Track’s b-day bash
Comment: “LOL – Okay, I DO kinda look like Tina Fey here!”

Aug 22
Sarah joined “Pro-Lifers for the Death Penalty”

Sarah joined “Feminists For Life”

Sarah became a fan of Life Goes On

Sarah is climbing the Word Twist ladder!

Aug 20
Sarah became a fan of eBay

Sarah sent a Polar Bear to Rep. Dirk Kempthorne using “We’re Not Endangered!”

Aug 15
Sarah joined the group “VP 101”

Sarah is now friends with John McCain

Sarah became a fan of The NRA

Sarah added The Drudge Report News Updates application

Sarah is in the mood for Mooseburgers!

Aug 14
Sarah sent a “Pro-Life-O-Gram” to Todd Palin

Sarah became a fan of “Focus On The Family”

Sarah added the “BEAR(pelt) HUG” application


Scotter said...

Awesome. This is hilarious!

The King Of Music said...

Very, very funny. It's a little unfair to "Feminists For Life" though, who along with "Libertarians for Life" have the most compelling (to me) pro-life arguments. It's not consistent with the attempts to portray her as an intellectual lightweight, which seems about right.

D'Anne Witkowski said...

This is good stuff, Laura. I think Jesus helped you write this.

Toryn said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cringe.

Go Obama!!

Anonymous said...

very funny. i DO know whether to laugh or cringe.

Connie Hull said...

Dear Sarah and Todd,
Why not come to Costa Rica and rest up! Bob Mercier, my flying instructor back in the 70's came to visit us last year and had a photo of himself and you (Sarah)in a hanger in Point Barrow where he is a search and rescue pilot. I just saw the photo and thought, hey, our home
is big enough for you to come relax in after all the election travels.
You both would be welcome anytime. Connie Hull

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