Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Record Reviews: Prussia and Suarasama

Although both albums sound all foreign and stuff, in fact, one is and one is home grown. The home team being Prussia - I review their new album Dear Emily, Best Wishes, Molly in The Metro Times. You can catch the boys live this weekend at Summer Smash 2008 as well... Detour has my review of the away team, Suarasama - who really are from far away and stuff. They are North Sumatran to be exact. I'm sorry if you're not sure where that is - the public school system has failed you.

Hope to see you this weekend for Summer Smash - I'm really excited about the line up and think it'll be a great time. Thanks to everybody who has worked so hard to make this happen, and to all the bands for their generosity and willingness to play - I appreciate your support and enthusiasm.

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I am attempting to make cookies again.

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