Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tracing lines and breaking spines

Hey, are you like, "to hell with those flavor-of-the-month bands, I want to get totally into a band that hasn't put out a record since 2008 OR updated their Facebook page since then!" That is what I thought! I suggest checking out The D'Ubervilles in that case. Their lead singer John O'Regan just put out a record under the name Diamond Rings - and I admit it was the album cover that got my attention:
Hello glammy gay boy, what's up, right? Reviews of the record led me to the D'Ubervilles, and as much as I like O'Regan's Diamond Rings business, I'm kind of smitten with what I've heard so far from the dude's full band. Check out "The Receiver" via their out-of-date Facespace page. It reminds me a lot of the National meets a way-less-douche-like Interpol. Thank god I'm not already WAY behind on all these 2010 releases therefore giving me the luxury of spending time on something from 2008 (aka "olden times"). Oh, wait...

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